Re-Vi Carbon Dioxide Removal Background

Our Carbon Dioxide Removals

After reasonable decarbonisation efforts have been exhausted, hard to abate emissions must be offset by actual carbon dioxide removals from the atmosphere for Net Zero to be credibly achieved.

High quality, durable CDR credits are in high demand to support net zero ambitions across the global economy.

CDR credits from Re-Vi’s Kangaroo Island Project are high quality, durable and backed by integrity.

McKinsey’s requirements for high quality CDRKangaroo Island Project
Permanence1,000 years plus.
AdditionalityWithout the project, 2 million tonnes of CO₂ would have been released into the atmosphere over time.
No leakageThe emissions removals claimed by the project are net of all project emissions.
MRVAdvanced telemetry in Re-Vi’s technology enables measurement, reporting and verification of removals.
Credible baselinesMeasurement of Carbon in fire-damaged timber plantations is well understood.
Counted only onceCarbon Credits are registered and not claimed against Nationally Determined Contribution.
No net harmThe project delivers environmental and social benefits.